Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program in the West Valley
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All riders that rode during the 2016-2017 ride year are welcome to fill out this form to secure you slot for the 2017-2018 ride year. All spaces are on a first come, first serve basis. 

Saturdays are our busiest days, so only group lessons will be scheduled on Saturdays at this time.

Rider's Name

2017-2018 Schedule

(Please pick your preferred ride times from this schedule)


​9:00 AM with Stephanie

​10:30 AM with Stephanie

​1:00 PM with Stephanie

​3:00 PM with Dawn

4:30 PM with Dawn (Volunteers Only)


​9:00 AM with Stephanie

10:30 AM with Stephanie

​12:00 PM with Stephanie

1:00 PM with Cori

3:00 PM with Cori

5:00 PM with Cori


9:00 AM with Stephanie

10:30 AM with Stephanie

12:00 PM with Stephanie

1:30 PM with Cori

​3:00 PM with Cori

4:30 with Cori


1:00 PM with Dawn

3:00 PM with Dawn

5:00 PM with Dawn


​7:30 AM with Cori

​8:45 AM with Cori

​10:00 AM with Dawn

​11:30 AM with Dawn

Wednesdays are being reserved for special groups, our HorsePower Program, and our new cancer patient/survivor program.

HOLD YOUR SPOT for only $100. When you pre-register, simply use the PayPal link below to reserve your lesson time for the 2017-2018 season.

Fall Registration

Fall Registration Form