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Probably the most unique and saddest stories of all our horses, Shiloh came to us as a rescue horse. She was about 200 lbs underweight and malnourished. It took about 2 months before anyone was able to ride her.

As she got stronger, she started to really enjoy her job and loved being with the kids. It didn't take long for her to look and act like a new horse.

Born in 2001, Shiloh stands at 14 hands, which makes her the smallest horse in our herd.

Shiloh is currently sponsored by:

Dawn & Gregg Brown - Emerald Horse Sponsor

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Samson is our gentle giant at almost 17 hands. He is an Andalusian Quarter horse mix, born in 1998. Samson started with Silver Lining in April of 2014, his kind personality, gentle soul and willingness to please has made him an excellent addition to the program.

Voted 2016 Horse of the Year!

Samson is currently sponsored by:

Cindi & Frank Course - Platinum Horse Sponsor

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Sargent joined Silver Lining in May of 2015, right before the heat of the summer. Although it was hot, Sargent completed his training with a very sweet and willing attitude. He rivals Samson in size at 16.2 hands and he is a registered Quarter Horse. His previous jobs included showing in Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Barrel Racing, and Roping. He was also trained in some show jumping. Safe to say, Sargent is a "been there, done that" horse.

​Sargent is currently looking for a horse sponsor.

Voted 2017 Horse of the Year


Meet the most colorful member of the Silver Lining herd. We found Whiskers in California, where he was a show horse in Western Pleasure and Trail, then a Mounted Patrol horse for a Sheriff's department.

He is super sweet and loooovvvees to eat. Whiskers favorite speed is slow, with a side of slower. One of the cool things about Whiskers is his one blue eye and one brown eye. Standing at 15 hands high, he is in the middle height-wise of our herd. At the age of 15, he is also in the middle age-wise of our herd.

Currently, Whiskers is in training and is looking for a horse sponsor.

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Very few horses have the right temperament to be a therapeutic riding horse. Only the best horses are chosen for this very special job, given the best care, and allowed to bring big smiles to our amazing clients. We are proud of them and their unique ability to adapt and help all the humans around them.

Each potential horse goes through a 90-day trial basis in order to determine if they are a good fit for our riders and if they love their new job. If you are interested in donating a horse to our herd, please email us with all your horses history, physical information and your contact information, or fill out the Horse Donation Form.

We are always looking for Horse Sponsor Partners! Check Out the Horse Sponsorship Package.



​Meet the youngest member of the Silver Lining herd. Athena is six years old and was rescued from slaughter.

One of our staff fell in love with her while at a rescue in California. She was originally sent to be a recipient mare (surrogate), but was rejected and ready to be shipped to slaughter when a rescue stepped in and saved her. Once here in Arizona, she started her training. Athena likes to be lazy, but she loves attention and grooming. Most of all, she loves treats! 

Standing at 14.1 hands, she is nice and short, but don't let her small size fool you, she loves to work.

Athena is currently sponsored by:

Jerry & Lydia Illchena - Platinum Horse Sponsor