Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program in the West Valley
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Silver Lining Riding Programs

8-Week Sessions

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These programs are geared primarily toward kids who have undergone some type of trauma or suffer from PTSD. 

These programs are geared primarily toward individuals with disabilities and their families, as well as any rider seeking to increase confidence, core strength, etc.

All instructors are certified by PATH Intl and/or CHA (or currently in the process of becoming certified). 

ESA Approved

This program is designed to work with kids in the foster care system and help them build life skills.

We offer therapeutic horseback riding programs for groups of riders, private sessions, and families. Each session is adjusted and tailored to each rider and their needs. Not only are horseback riding basics learned, but fun games are played to help riders learn lifeskills. 

We have a wonderful covered arena that protects riders, volunteers and instructors from Arizona's intense sun and heat.

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