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2017 Volunteer of the Year: Nicki Simms

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We need volunteers to help in a variety of ways, with all levels of time commitment (minimum 2 hours per week). Most of our volunteers help in the arena, coaching and supporting our riders with disabilities. Volunteers will learn the basics in a 4 hour training class. To get started, fill out an application by clicking on the link below!

Nicki Simms received the Volunteer of the Year award for the 2016-2017 ride year for exceptional service.  As many of our riders know, Nicki is always happy to jump in and help out! Our instructors rely on her and is always willing to come in at a moment's notice. Nicki worked more than 250 hours of service last year.  She's amazing with the kids and is on Shiloh's Gold Star team.

We need volunteers to help in a variety of ways. Ready to join? Visit our page below.

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