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Upcoming Volunteer Trainings

How do I start?

What Are My Volunteering Options?


This type of volunteering can often be done from home and involves reading, responding to and forwarding emails, printing documents, answering phone calls, calling other volunteers, reviewing schedules on line, etc.   

​Volunteers help in a variety of ways with all levels of time commitment. The area most people want to help in is with arena coaching and supporting our riders however, there are many other opportunities where you can help.   We are looking for help with many areas from fundraising to Marketing to Social Media and just about anything that you can think of!

Apply to volunteer or, if you would like more information first, contact for more information.​  Don't have a lot of time to spare?  Volunteer at one of our events (no training required).  Just drop us a line and we can discuss how you might help out!


Got business skills?  The staff and Board of Directors are always looking for people who can run the ship both on a day to day basis as well as setting direction for the organization.


For people who know how to market an organization to the public.  This work would involve building flyers, documentation, promotion material, brochures, web pages, etc. 


Know how to plan and execute an event?  There are special events throughout the year that require committees of people to plan and implement them.   Committee members play a crucial role in the success of an event.


Non-profit organizations exist largely on donations and grants.  Silver Lining Riding needs people to write those grant requests as well as find new grants to apply for.  There is also a need for people to design and execute donation drives.


​Working in the arena involves walking in the arena next to riders (Sidewalking) to help clients by coaching and working with our riders to provide safety. 

New Volunteer Trainings: 2020-21

October 3rd                8AM - 12PM

November 7th            8AM - 12PM

​December  5th           8AM - 12PM

​​​January 9th                 8AM - 12PM

February 6th              8AM - 12PM

March 6th                   8AM - 12PM

April 10th                    8Am - 12PM

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