Horse Exercise STAR Team

What's next?

Volunteer Retraining

September 1st    8AM - 10AM

Horse Handler


Side Walker

Upcoming Volunteer Trainings


How do I start?

Are You a Current Volunteer?

Above you can find our volunteer levels. While they are not required, each additional level of volunteer training allows for you to continue to help our riders.  

Want to help but can’t commit to at least two hours a week? We need volunteers to help with our special events. Contact
volunteers@silverliningriding.org for more information.

Become a Volunteer

Please visit the Volunteer Resources page for information like schedules, trainings, and other resources.

Bit & Bridling

Volunteer Training Levels

New Volunteer Trainings:

August 25th        8AM - 12PM

September 6th   8AM - 12PM

October 6th        8AM - 12PM

Horse Lunging

We need volunteers to help in a variety of ways, with all levels of time commitment. The area most people want to help is in the arena coaching and supporting our riders with disabilities. We will teach you the basics in a 4 hour training class. You can volunteer as little as 2 hours a week. To get started, fill out an online application by clicking on the link below. You will learn all about our program and see for yourself how Silver Lining changes lives.


Horse STAR Team