Drive to Ride

What is Drive to Ride?

Drive to Ride is an online fundraising campaign led by our Silver Lining Riding students and their families, and is a great way to reduce their session fees.

How does it work?

Students register to participate–click HERE to get started. We will create a custom webpage for each student that registers for the campaign. Once created, students can share their webpage with family and friends to raise money.

Who Benefits?

Everyone!!! All funds raised help Silver Lining Riding keep session fees at a reduced and affordable rate for all students, regardless of their financial situation.

Your donations will also help students earn FREE sessions!! WOW–that’s incredible.

What can they earn?

When a student raises certain amounts, they can earn:

  • $250 = One (1) FREE Silver Lining Riding lesson
  • $500 = $100 Discount towards a Silver Lining Riding session
  • $1,000 = One (1) FREE Silver Lining Riding session
  • $2,000 = Two (2) FREE Silver Lining Riding sessions
  • $4,000 = Four (4) FREE Silver Lining Riding sessions
  • (Earn up to four (4) FREE sessions a ride year)

Click HERE to get started.

* All donates are tax-deductible *

Students Participating in Drive to Ride



Still have questions

Still have questions but want to get involved? Contact Cori at for more information.