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All riders that rode during the 2017-2018 ride year are welcome to fill out this form to secure you slot for the 2018-2019 ride year. All spaces are on a first come, first serve basis.

​Pricing for the fall sessions has increased by $20 for each 8-week session. If you register for fall by May 31st, you will get the 2017-2018 ride year pricing for the first 8-week session. $100 Deposit must be received by August 1st to qualify.

Saturdays are our busiest days, so only group lessons will be scheduled on Saturdays at this time.

(Please pick your preferred ride times from this schedule)


​9:00 AM with Stephanie

​10:30 AM with Stephanie

​1:00 PM with Stephanie

​3:00 PM with Cori

4:30 PM with Cori


​9:00 AM with Stephanie

10:30 AM with Stephanie

​12:00 PM with Stephanie

1:00 PM with Cori

3:00 PM with Cori

5:00 PM with Cori


9:00 AM with Stephanie

10:30 AM with Stephanie

12:00 PM with Stephanie

1:30 PM with Cori

​3:00 PM with Cori

4:30 with Cori


1:00 PM with Dawn

3:00 PM with Dawn

5:00 PM with Dawn


​7:30 AM with Cori

​8:45 AM with Cori

​10:00 AM with Dawn

​11:30 AM with Dawn

Wednesdays are being reserved for special groups, our HorsePower Program, and our new cancer patient/survivor program.

Fall Registration

2018–2019 Schedule

Fall Registration Form