The HorsePower Life Skills program is geared toward kids in the foster care system, teaching them to work together, while working on different life skills such as: responsibility, time management, communication, etc. Each week, participants will work with horses and helpers to practice weekly life skills and apply them to daily life. This program will also be the catalyst to the Mentor Me Summer Camp Program, which all participants may apply for upon completion of the HorsePower Program. There will be a maximum of 8 riders per session, under the guidance of two instructors, with additional volunteers to assist as needed. When some participants are riding, other participants will be working on the life skill of the day and doing activities to help participants understand how to apply those skills to everyday life.

Each week, a different life skill will be highlighted and participants will complete activities designed around that skill. Horseback riding activities are designed to not only teach riders basic riding skills, but also life skills through riding. Upon completion of each day, an evaluation will be taken of all participants in the following areas: Teamwork, Following Directions, Safety Awareness, Leadership & Self-Confidence.

This program is designed for groups of riders to learn together and independently. 

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HorsePower Program

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