Whats going on

Change is in the Air

Welcome Back!  While everyone has been on summer break, our team of instructors and board members have been hard at work, refreshing and reimagining the volunteer and student experience at Silver Lining Riding.  From expanded volunteer opportunities to a new horsemanship class, we continue to think of new ways to challenge and excite our volunteers and students.

So, what’s different?  Well……

new volunteer experience

In previous years, signing up to be a volunteer side walker meant you had to do several other things—grab tack, groom a horse and put the tack on the horse.  And that was all before you got to do what you originally signed up for—help a special needs student during their riding lesson.  Well, we heard you!  Now when you’ve been trained exclusively as a side walker, you will only be a side walker.  After you have been trained to groom a horse, that’s what we want you to do.  Once you have been trained, and volunteer to be a horse lead, that is primarily what you should be doing. 

There are times, however, if we are short of volunteers, that you may be asked to take on a different position so that we do not have to cancel the lesson.  But rest assured, we are doing everything we can to keep you in the position of your choice.  We believe that with our new Volunteer Levels of 1, 2 & 3, we have created additional volunteer positions, allowing folks to focus their efforts exactly where it hits home.  Contact our Volunteer Manager at volunteer@silverliningriding.org for more information.

new student experience

Imagine being able to fully groom your horse, fully tack or untack your horse, or learn the proper technique of leading your horse by hand.  You can do that now!  Would you like to learn the parts of a horse, what they eat, or how they sleep?  You can do that now too!  In addition to our Adaptive Riding class, which focuses entirely on riding in the arena, our new Adaptive Horsemanship class provides each student with the opportunity to learn about, and work with, their horse exclusively on the ground.  We have Adaptive Horsemanship classes for our youngest students to our most experienced.  We want to give everyone, no matter their particular ability, an exciting new horse experience like never before at Silver Lining Riding.  For more information, check out our Adaptive Riding and Adaptive Horsemanship page. 

We’re constantly working to innovate, inspire, and motivate all of our volunteers and students to reach their full potential.

We look forward to getting you back in the saddle!  See you soon!