Whats going on

Whew, what a year!  What a wild, trying, perplexing, and yet satisfying year.  We had challenges but what we love about our Silver Lining Riding community of Instructors, students, parents, volunteers, and supporters is that everyone comes together and works to bridge our difficulties.  We are eternally grateful to everyone involved in making this year a success! 

So, what happens now?  It’s summer, time to shut it down?  Actually no, far from it.  While students get a break for the summer, the Silver Lining Riding staff go into high gear and into summer work mode.

  • Our Program Manager and Instructors work through the summer creating and planning next year’s student activities.  They work on new goals and develop patterns that will challenge our students to reach their full potential.
  • Our Equine Manager works with the herd to keep them in good mental and physical shape. We give our equine partners a little refresher and familiarize them with any new equipment.  It’s also a time to train new horses on what to expect and how to handle stressful situations, and in general, be the great partners that our students expect and deserve.
  • Our Volunteer Manager works on new programs to reach folks who may want to try volunteering.  She also keeps our current volunteers motivated and refreshes their skills.
  • Our Board of Directors, Grant Committee and Marketing Committee continue their year-round work ensuring that Silver Lining Riding has the funds and resources needed to run our programs.

We miss our students already!  There’s no more satisfying experience than to see someone with daily trials wear a smile from ear to ear because they are doing something that few can – controlling a 1,000-pound horse!  It is simply a magical experience.  Imagine that joy…..that’s what we’ll do for the next few months until we see you again. 

Happy Summer!