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Our Board (from left):


Dawn is the owner of AZ Business Consulting, a virtual accounting firm that focuses on the needs of nonprofit and small business clients. During her more than 30 year career she has served in the private sector as the CFO of both an educational nonprofit and a trade association. She has spent the last 16 years in public accounting.

After several years in the corporate world, Dawn discovered her true passion of horses and sharing with others the joys of equine interaction. Currently, Dawn stands in as a back up instructor, but is hoping to make this her full-time dream when she retires


Mackenzie has been volunteering with Silver Lining Riding for several years.  She  began working with our instructors in early 2018 to become  a full fledged instructor.  She gained her CHA certification in the summer of 2018 and is now  one of our newest instructors  

Barn Manager,

​Senior Instructor

Cori is a wonderful riding instructor with the unique ability to make lessons fun, regardless of the rider’s age or abilities. She is an incredibly talented artist who has now found a new passion: Silver Lining. She is the lead instructor in our newest program, Trailblazers. As a wife and mother of two young children she understands how important horses can be in improving and changing lives. Cori is CHA certified and is working on her PATH certification.

Simply fill out the Employee Application and email your resume to info@silverliningriding.org

  • ​Warren Hutson - President (Far Left)​
  • Dawn Brown - Treasurer (center)
  • Cindy Davis - Secretary (Right)
  • Gregg Brown - Vice-President​ (Far Right)
  • Nicki Sims- Board Member (not pictured)

Cori Morris-Sweetalla

Our Staff

Our Volunteers

1000+ Hours of Lifetime Service

Jane O'Hearn

750+ Hours of Lifetime Service

Nicki Sims

    Myra Adams

500+ Hours of Lifetime Service

     Lydia Ilchena

            Mary Ann Stelmach

400+ Hours of Lifetime Service

   Cindi Course

                                                                  Jerry Ilchena

250+ Hours of Lifetime Service                              100+ Hours of Lifetime Service
             Judy Doonan-Twohy                                                    Rusty Tillman
             Chris Krai                                                                       Veronica Gomez

             Diane Grabowski                                                          Audrey Schander

                                                                                                     Mackenzie Perkins
75+ Hours of Lifetime Service                                                 Steph LaClair
             Fred Creed                                                                     Rebecca O'Steen

             Clara Hindley                                                                  

             Lisa Wagner                                                                   

50+ Hours of Lifetime Service                                 25+ Hours of Lifetime Service   
            Rose Sweetalla                                                                Mandy Bowman
            Julee Burglund                                                                 Lexi Espinosa
            Sherrana Garey                                                                Janet Kania
            Patti Baker                                                                        Lisa Krysiak

            Paul Gonzalez                                                                  Martha Morales

            Brittiny Arredondo                                                           Kim Hasse

                                                                                                       Cynthia McCombs

                                                                                                       Alison Nguyen

                                                                                                       Carol Peterson

                                                                                                       Cassidy Korn

                                                                                                       Katarina Springer

                                                                                                       Maria Ceaglske

Stephanie Green

Mackenzie Perkins

Meet our Team

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​​+1 (520) 329-7757

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Dawn Brown

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Stephanie grew up in a small ranching town in western New Mexico where she learned to ride on the ranch horses. The only lesson she received was from her grandfather who told her, “Heels down, hold on.” She has refined her technique since then, and after volunteering at a local stable, she decided that she wanted to pursue therapeutic riding and began her journey toward becoming a PATH certified instructor. Stephanie completed most of her internship hours at Silver Lining, and was beyond thrilled when they asked her to stay. Stephanie lives in Goodyear with her husband, Michael, and her two kids, Kadence and Jesse.