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Please Donate or Become a Station Sponsor for this fun filled week

Stations to Sponsor include:

  1. Plinko
  2. Fishing Game
  3. Bean Bag Toss
  4. Ring Toss
  5. Cone Knock Down
  6. Ball Toss Across
  7. Quiditch
  8. Pumpkin Chuckin
  9. Splash Down

This is one of the riders' favorite weeks of the year. We decorate the track around the arena and set up all kinds of carnival games for the riders to play on horseback. At each station, each rider gets a prize, ranging from bubbles to animal crackers to carrots for the horses. We do not give any candy as prizes. 

​Station Sponsor

We are always looking for Station Sponsors to help us provide prizes and cover costs of each of the stations. If you are interested in sponsoring a station, call 520-329-7757 or email or click on the donate button. 

Only $50 to sponsor a station!!!!!

​Station Volunteer

Can't donate at this time how about becoming a Station Volunteer. 

Station Volunteer help out at each station/game during the students scheduled lesson time.  Days and times vary depending on students lesson schedules.

You do not have to be a trained Silver Lining Riding Volunteer to sign up for this event. All you need is a smile a big heart and a costume. 

​October 26th - October 31st

Trick Or Treat Week

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