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Steph LaClair

Steph LaClair began volunteering when her son, Linus, came to ride with us 3 years ago.  She has worked every volunteer position there is (Side Walker, Coach, Lead Line, etc.) and is out a the barn nearly every day.  She worked more than 300 hours just during the last ride season!  She is a valuable member of the STAR Team taking care of all of the horses weekly evaluations and is always there for the vet or farrier visits.  In addition to caring for the horses she helps to school them as well so they behave during lessons.  Type your paragraph here.

The STAR team is a group of volunteers that works directly with the horses.  The STAR team handles the care of the horses (vet visits, farrier visits, exercise, etc.) and the education of the horses (desensitization, schooling, etc).

200+ Hours of Lifetime Service

Rose Sweetalla

25+ Hours of Lifetime Service

Karen Swinford​

Melody Ward

1000+ Hours of Lifetime Service

Nicki Sims and Steph Laclair


Nicki Sims

Mandy Bowmen

Steph LaClair

Cindi Course

Mary Ann Stelmach

75+ Hours of Lifetime Service

Kerry Smith

​Lisa Tworek

​Janet Kania

2019 Volunteer of the Year

Our STAR Team

500+ Hours of Lifetime Service

Cindi Course and Judy Doonan - Twohy

900+ Hours of Lifetime Service

Mary Ann Stelmach

100+ Hours of Lifetime Service

Clara Hindley​

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