Healing with horses

Healing with Horses, in conjunction with Therapy Hooves, is an innovative program that uses human-animal interactions to address the physical, emotional, psychological, and educational needs of individuals with mental health issues.

The benefits of animal therapy are numerous. Interaction with animals in a safe and controlled environment encourages empathy, improves focus, provides mental stimulation, presents opportunities for socialization, and can contribute to the physical well-being of the participant.

Healing with Horses will provide two types of animal interaction:

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) provide opportunities for motivational, educational, and/or recreational benefits to enhance the participant’s quality of life.  Participants may choose to groom, walk, or read to a horse (miniature or full size) under the supervision of trained volunteers. Therapy dogs registered through Pet Partners will also be available.

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is overseen and documented by a health and human service provider as a part of his/her profession. AAT is goal-directed with a specific end in mind, such as improvement in social skills or range of motion. The goals of AAT can be physical, mental, educational, or motivational. The instructors at Silver Lining Riding are not therapists; therefore, they work only to reinforce the goals set by an individual’s health care professional. They do not diagnose or treat illnesses.

Weekly 60 Minute Sessions
Ages: 18+

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