Wish list

​As a 501(c)(3) or charity, Silver Lining Riding relies on donations for most of our resources.  This is our “Wish List” of items or resources that we need to help keep the programs running and helping folks.  This list will change from time to time as our needs do but here are the items we currently would appreciate having donated.

  • Fly Spray – Critical need
  • Fly Masks
  • Clippers and blades
  • Corona hoof dressing or Rainmaker 
  • English girths – sizes 50, 52, 54 
  • English stirrup leathers
  • English peacock stirrups
  • Western safety stirrups
  • Helmets, all sizes
  • English and Western Impact Gel pads
  • Stress Dex orange electrolytes – Critical Need
  • Vetericyn eyewash
  • Ulcer Gard
  • Thrush Buster
  • Equiderma skin and hoof care products
  • Trophies – We need your old trophies (from any event)
  • Cases of water – Keeping the volunteers hydrated
  • Toilet paper
  • Volunteers – Yep!  We get more clients all the time and that means we need volunteers to be sidewalkers for safety

Wish List