Our Herd

Horses rely largely on body language for communication, and this communication is clear, honest, and consistent. They often ‘talk’ with their eyes and use various sounds to show emotion. Many of our students, particularly those who are nonverbal, find the horse to be a kindred spirit who speaks their language.

Silver Lining Riding does not ‘use’ horses – we partner with them. Our particular equine partners, ranging from a Clydesdale to a Miniature Horse, come from various working backgrounds. We have a former dressage show horse, a one-time dude ranch trail horse, and a retired eventer, just to name a few. Our herd of 8, with incredible patience and a calm demeanor, gives our students the opportunity to increase their strength and body movement, improve their communication skills, refine behavior and life skills, and gain overall confidence. Through the healing power of our horse partners, Silver Lining Riding’s programs improve the lives of our students and their families.



Indy, born in 2000, is the class clown of the Silver Lining herd. He is a Connemara / Quarter Horse mix who stands 14 hands tall. Born in Florida, Indy moved to Indiana where he was an event horse—dressage, jumper, and cross country. Today, Indy is super sweet but also super lazy. He loves a head scratch, to take it easy and go slow.



Born in 2008, Padma is a Clydesdale mare who is red roan in color, which is unusual for a Clydesdale. She was brought into the program when it became obvious that she loves people and most importantly, she loves to be petted and groomed. Typical of draft horses, she isn’t a fan of going fast so her riders really have to work to get her to trot! But her sweet and friendly disposition has made her a favorite with her students.

shadow herd


Shadow is a Red Dun Quarter horse mare.  Born in 1998, she was quite the athlete in her younger days having competed in mounted shooting for many years.  Shadow is very patient, willing, and trustworthy.  She really shines helping our students learn to ride more independently and off lead-line   She is also protective.  If she senses an unbalanced rider, she will stop and check in on them.  If needed she will stand like a statue and wait until they are ready to continue.  She’s a great asset to our herd!



Standing 15 hands tall, Luna is a beautiful half Arabian, half Warlander mare. Born in 2006, she was a very successful dressage show horse and loves to perform. She is super sweet and very affectionate. She loves getting scratches, adores baths, and loves people – she’s absolutely a fan favorite.


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