We treasure each of our instructors for their time and knowledge and how they go out of their way with each of our students. Their knack in sharing their knowledge and experience and expressing it with kind words is uncanny.

Mandy Bowman



Mandy has always known that she wanted to use her passion for horses to help others.  She started as a lesson volunteer at Silver Lining Riding in 2017.  Inspired to do more, Mandy received her Associate’s Degree in Equine Science, completed an internship in therapeutic horsemanship, and joined the Silver Lining Riding staff as an instructor by the fall of 2019. Now a PATH International certified instructor, Mandy is also our Equine Manager, working closely with her team to train and care for our herd of horses.

Chelsea Jones, CFLE-P



Chelsea grew up in the Arabian horse show industry and spent about 10 years there falling in love with the Arabian horse, which remains her favorite breed to this day. During brief retirement from the horse world, Chelsea began a family with her husband, Sam, and they are now raising a herd of five kids. While being a mom by day and a student in the evenings, Chelsea earned her degree in marriage and family studies and became a Certified Family Life Educator through NCFR. 

In early 2023 Chelsea began her time at Silver Lining Riding as a volunteer and quickly fell in love with the mission. Chelsea is currently working toward becoming an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. She plans to use her the ESMHL certification to combine her love for horses with aiding others through mental health obstacles.

Heather RollinS



I was born and raised in Arizona, surrounded by a family deeply rooted in horsemanship. Despite moving to California for a different career path, my return to Arizona in 2021 reignited a profound longing for the equine world. I felt a calling to reconnect with horses and sought out volunteer opportunities.

That quest led me to the Silver Lining Riding program, an experience that resonated deeply due to my parallel enjoyment of working with the Special Olympics community. Initially volunteering, I found immense fulfillment and purpose in contributing to this program. It was during these early engagements that I discovered my genuine aspiration to pursue a career in this field.

Driven by this newfound passion, I dedicated myself to accumulating volunteer and instructor hours, steadily progressing toward the goal of becoming a Path certified instructor. With each passing day, my commitment to this path only strengthened, affirming my resolve to shape a future centered around equine therapy and guidance.

My journey has been one of rediscovery, fueled by the profound joy of being around horses and the rewarding impact of helping others through these magnificent creatures. I now eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue making a meaningful difference in the lives of both the horses and the individuals I have the privilege to work with.